Zach Sias


Full text of the deal has been public since yesterday

 [DULUTH, MN] –  Northeast Area Labor Council (NEALC) President Alan Netland has called on Stewart Mills III to tell working families of the 8th Congressional District where he stands on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). 

“Stewart Mills III told the Mesabi Daily News earlier this month that he has not taken a stance on the TPP because he has not read it. Mills even told another reporter that he ‘may be in support of it,’” said Netland. “Mills also accused Rick Nolan of not having read it, which was a lie. As President of the NEALC, I find it appalling that Stewart Mills III would even consider supporting the TPP.”

Netland added, “The deal is public now, and I suggest Stewart Mills III reads it, like Rick Nolan has done. It’s clear there are no protections for the American worker. It’s clear that this is a race to the bottom and that there is no way that workers can compete with the workers in Vietnam other low wage countries. This is NAFTA on steroids.”